I got my stimulus check from Gov. Little today. He enclosed a letter similar to Biden’s telling me how great the economy is and how I am getting “my fair share” of the proceeds from the state’s windfall in cash.

Unfortunately, that money came from the Fed that is now controlled by the U.S. Executive branch that is printing debt notes as fast as Congress will allow. That’s because we are in a fire sale, as the crystal-clear evidence that the petro dollar will soon collapse comes upon us.

This is the bribe of the millennium, come clear down to the state voter, that was used to bribe our governors into lockdowns and mandates far outside our constitutional limits. Rome’s bread and circus didn’t come close to what we are seeing today.

Congress, Biden and most of our governors are using that bribe to pay off their cronies and bribe the voters into giving them just enough power to complete the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, our sovereign individual rights and possibly even private property ownership itself. (See your copy of the Communist Manifesto for details.)

Scott Bedke has the power to call our legislature into session so the people’s representatives can give input on Little’s latest proposed mandates, but I doubt he will do that as he is in the same cronie pockets as is Little. Same play as last year, mandates vs. representative government.

Maybe Gov. Newsom will get recalled this week, and God will turn this mess around?

We need to pray and repent for this nation and our liberties to survive.

Sanford Staab