We have come to a complete corruption of the judiciary, the executive and the legislature branches both at the state and federal levels.

State Representative Heather Scott has been widely telling her constituents and others about the massive corruption going on by the senior legislators to prevent the legislature from convening so they can address overreach of both the state and federal governments.

What is happening is the state legislature leadership is not following the Constitution, and the state executive isn’t enforcing the law in this case, and the Supreme Court won’t even hear evidence of election fraud.

There simply aren’t enough people that care about the Constitution or law to hold it up anymore.

So few people even understand what law is and this will throw us into a chaos that will destroy all we have gained since becoming an independent nation.

Without law there is no justice.

Without justice there is no nonviolent cure for conflict.

Without that cure there will eventually be no solution but violence.

Without peace, we cannot function as a people efficiently together.

Without that ability, we cannot provide for our needs.

We are now living in a complete crony capitalist system that is ready to collapse at any moment.

God help us!

Sandy (Sanford) Staab