I am sick to death of the lies being taught in our schools by “woke” teachers concerning Thanksgiving. I suspect the source of such lies could be the same person who claimed she was part Native American.

Schools don’t teach true history, if any, so students know nothing except these lies, making our true day a way to exploit a blow for all people of color to deem it racial murder when it is political.

The truth of history: The first Plymouth Rock colonists were all white men. No black slaves brought with them! The natives met them in peace and helped teach them how to raise food and store it for winter.

Powhatan, chief of the tribe, and his daughter, with his men brought lots of food to the first Thanksgiving feast. Colonists supplied wild turkeys. There was no killing, of anyone. Only a wonderful day by all.

The chief’s daughter, Pocahontas, later married John Alden, who took her with him to England, where she was received with all as the royal princess she truly was. She was even met by the queen.

This is U.S. history as it was. Now, the left wants to erase our special day, leave it on a pile of refuse as a day of murder and racism.

It was later that settlers, on the Mayflower, settled on what became, off the coast of Carolina, large plantations. That colony failed. All trace of it gone. Later came plantations. Owners raised great crops and supplied the whole area.

They needed blacks to work the land. That was when slaves were brought to the U.S. on ships from England, Holland, and others, to fill the needs.

Now, I have said my piece.

Flora Teachman