Open letter to county sheriffs:

Though all “policing” agencies ideally defend the “laws of the land,” federal and state agents have different employers (thus, different loyalties) than county sheriffs. Any individual has to cultivate a certain mindset to note governmental injustice and abuse, then resist it, then endure the ensuing retribution. Like many citizens who are educating themselves nowadays on constitutional protections, sheriff departments are being forced to reassess loyalties, training procedures, and interagency protocols, and like so many citizens are finding out, it takes going outside of “approved,” or mainstream sources to get good information.

Unconstitutional and illegitimate mask mandates, congregating restrictions, businesses closures, travel prohibitions, and all such regulations can come from federal and state authorities all day long, but the sheriff is the single filter and enforcer within county borders of all law. He or she has one focus, and that is to defend the constitutional privileges of every individual against the socialist (anti-constitutional republic) abuses of governmental employees, governor to jail janitor.

County sheriffs truly are the highest law of the land, but the questions remains, “Do they know it, and are they prepared to defend their authority and the constitutional rights of citizens?” Such a mentality does not come naturally these days; rather, it is only cultivated purposefully and with training. “You took the oath, but did you understand its ramifications?”

David Manley