My name is Ruth Henry, and I am writing because I think it is important for the people of our community to be informed about those that are running for elected positions.

I recently had the opportunity of talking to Vincent Rundhaug, who is running for the Zone 3 Board of Trustees, Mountain View School District 244. I talked with him about some of his ideas and opinions regarding children’s learning, parent involvement, and educational curriculum. One of the first questions I asked him was what he thought about children critically thinking and analyzing what they are taught. Rundhaug responded; “The mind needs to be opened up to critical thinking skills.” He further believes children should be encouraged to think for themselves at an early age.

Secondly, Rundhaug also said it is “absolutely imperative for parents to be involved.” He wants to find ways that parents can communicate with the school board and be able to voice their ideas and concerns about their children’s education. Thirdly, he thinks there is a lack of transparency as to where taxpayer money is allocated to the school, and he aims to find clarity there.

Next, I asked him what his views were on Critical Race Theory being taught in many schools today. “Critical Race Theory has no place in the United States,” said Rundhaug. He believes “It is a Marxist ideology” and that Marxism is “one step down from communism.” Instead, he believes that the U.S. Constitution should be taught even more in schools than it is at present. “Teaching the Constitution is like teaching the Bible in Church,” Rundhaug said, and because we live in the United States, “The Constitution should be mandatory.”

I hope this information is helpful as voters prepare to vote on Nov. 2.

Ruth Henry