When I was on the outside, I was pursued by the government for over ten years for the purpose of getting me to convert to the counselors’ own personal religious organization, as I said. The nature of the second frame job in particular was to get me to convert to a slippery Christian-type religion while at the same time defaming me as a “radical” who was picking on innocent Christians – thereby displaying a religious bias on the part of the persecutors.

When I was being investigated, it was an endless investigation of me as a person, not anything I had done. They are not supposed to do that, but I was not able to buy a lawyer a new yacht, so I was unable to defend myself when I was put in legal jeopardy that way.

In addition to illegally taking away my freedom, the government promised to cause me serious health problems as an integral part of a coverup. But since then, everyone in my life has conspired to make me believe that I don’t have a natural right of self-defense.

America is not supposed to be like Iran or Saudi Arabia, where you have the religion police running around. Americans have fought and died in wars to defend our constitution and way of life, that is being so contemptuously tossed to the side in my case.

Now, I’m lying, I’m crazy, I’m a griping criminal, according to my detractors. Read my books, “The Perfect Disease” and “Unit 16” at www.safestreetsarts.info for another perspective.

Douglas Wood

inmate, Idaho State Correctional Institution


(Editor’s note: Wood, 55, is currently serving a minimum 30- to maximum 40-year sentence for his 2009 convictions in Idaho County on assault with intent to commit a serious felony on a peace officer with a firearm enhancement, and battery on a police officer. Convictions were on assaults committed in 2007 and 2008 on Idaho County Sheriff’s Office personnel.)