Education bills are continually in the spotlight this legislative session in Boise. Unfortunately, parents’ rights have been voted down several times in the Senate; whereas, the House has upheld those rights.

Our District 7 senator, Carl Crabtree voted nay to S1046, which would allow a group of at least 24 parents to request the teaching of a particular class/subject that had not been included in the school’s curriculum. He has stated that elected officials and school boards should determine such matters, and that parents participating in such measures were promoting mob rule, a dereliction of democracy.

We do not have a democracy. The United States is a republic with a written code of laws, not subject to the whims of an emotional mob. We the People are the rulers of this government, with the duty of informing our elected officials of our wishes within those laws. Also, in Idaho, there are several state statutes protecting parents’ rights, declaring it is the duty and responsibility of the parent to oversee the education of their children.

S1179, sponsored by Senator Crabtree, upheld Governor Little’s proposal of a “modest” budget increase for Idaho’s public universities and colleges. The Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee had members suggesting each institution’s budget be considered separately, since it has become evident these systems have been promoting social justice and critical race theory in the classroom and extracurricular activities. Black Lives Matter is active on at least two of the campuses.

The organization and public higher education schools brain-wash our young people with Marxist ideologies, especially destroying the nuclear family, faith in God, and constitutional government of the United States. Idaho’s tax dollars are the finances for these institutions.

For this reason, some legislators tried to split the budget and deal with each school separately, in hope of defunding this element of the curricula. Over $18.5 million is spent on Marxism indoctrination. Senator Crabtree did very little to defund this problem and went on to vote yay for the complete funding of these schools. He and Governor Little are promoting social justice and critical race theory (destruction of America) in pre-school, K-12, and higher education. Is that what we really want in Idaho?

Elizabeth Morris