Senators and representatives, as you reconvene, I hope you will treat the following issues with the urgency and respect the citizens of Idaho deserve.

1. End the state of emergency

2. Outlaw vaccine mandate

We hope you take these issues seriously. The survival of the state of Idaho rests in your hands. Please, remember why you were elected to the office you currently hold. We, the citizens of Idaho, put you there to serve us, not the lobbyists, special interest groups or the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI), who apparently is now calling the shots. As you have recently seen across our nation, citizens of this great country are getting more involved in our government affairs than ever before. We are tired of being lied to. Many have crossed party lines and we are looking forward to the 2022 primaries with much interest. It’s time for you to remember the oath you took to uphold the constitution and citizens’ individual rights – not the rights of the corporations and businesses (IACI), that are working hand-in-hand with legislators to implement their global agenda.

The governor, lt. governor, senators, house representatives and, especially, House Speaker Scott Bedke should remember that executive mandates are not law. Only legislative bodies make laws.

The citizens of Idaho will be closely monitoring your proceedings, now that you have reconvened and how you respond to what is best for the citizens of Idaho. Will do you good to remember we are all registered voters.

Mary Ann Blees