The word museum in the Webster dictionary means: an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value.

When traveling through Idaho there are many small towns, some off the main highway, that still have signs that say museum. You turn off looking for another sign only to find an empty building, or no building at all. The history and culture of our forefathers was displayed in these little gems.

I find it interesting that when a mideastern country invades one of its neighbors, the enemy pillages and burns the museums to the ground. Their mindset is to destroy the country’s heritage and culture. This is happening right here in our country. One example, and there are many, is the destroying of statues like Christopher Columbus. This explorer goes back to 1492 and is credited for finding the new world. History cannot be changed or altered whether certain people don’t like it! If you go one step further, history taught in our government schools is either not even brought up or taught in a whole different light. Inexpensive field trips could be scheduled to the local museums. The students could ask questions of the museum host and get an insight of the area they live in. Local museums large or small are a valuable asset to any community and should be supported:

Bicentennial Historical Museum, Grangeville; Kamiah Valley Museum, Kamiah; Clearwater Museum, Orofino; Historical Museum At St. Gertrude, Cottonwood; Nez Perce County Historical Society, Lewiston; Spalding Museum, Lapwai; Weippe Hilltop Heritage Museum, Weippe.

Christopher Hertel


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