I live with chronic pain and it is very difficult, but I have found some techniques that I was taught to utilize and to teach others.

I wholeheartedly agree and fully appreciate the article in last week’s paper on chronic pain management by Julie Wood. I do utilize those methods myself and can personally testify to their efficacy. I have also received some training in teaching progressive relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation and breath control. I would love to have the opportunity to share and teach what I’m learning, to help others. The techniques Julie describes can help anyone with pain, and most of us experience pain, and other issues. As my textbook states: These methods can help with the following; feeling stressed-out, low energy, trouble falling asleep, anxiety, panic attacks, inability to relax, cardiovascular problems, overweight, inability to concentrate, feeling at peace and many other problems.

I would like and very much appreciate some opportunities to teach and share on this, a facility for holding classes, etc. Anyone interested in helping with a facility close by &/or interested in classes may contact me at P.O. Box 427 Kamiah, ID 83536.

Thank you!

*These techniques can and do help students as well as adults and are taught in schools in some parts of the country. Also, classes can be held in hospitals and businesses. The rewards are many and well worth the time and effort and are affordable, as well for most, and scholarships are also available for people who cannot pay.

Teresa Steadman