Let us suppose I have the virus and wear my N95 face mask. The mask keeps my virus from escaping to infect the unmasked, right? We are all politically correct here, I think.

Now let us suppose that you (evil and uncaring) without the mask are the virus packer. My mask that prevented virus passage above now lets the virus come through and I get sick, right? Again, this seems to be the politically correct interpretation. Masks protect the world from me but does not protect me from the world. One way masks?

Now let’s go to the real (non-PC) world. Maybe masks really work. If they do, they work both ways and those who are worried about getting sick should wear them and be protected.

Looking online shows N95 masks filter down to 300nm (nanometer) while Coronavirus is 60-140nm which seems to indicate that the virus will go through the filter. And cloth masks are worse. Bacteria are much larger (1000-2000nm) and should filter out.

This is America. Let us continue to have the freedom to use our own judgment and logic and make our own decisions.

Lucky Brandt


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