As an Idaho born, freedom-loving, teenage citizen and a member of a local Constitution class, I was privileged to interview Mr. Larry Dunn, who is running for a school board seat in the Mountain View School District, and I feel the importance of getting this critical information out to the public.

The course of action Mr. Dunn would take if a teacher or textbook was teaching errors would be to immediately bring it to the attention of the superintendent and request corrective action be taken. He would then follow up to verify that it had been corrected and it was not being repeated.

In regard to Critical Race Theory, Mr. Dunn stated: “It has no place and should not be taught anywhere, including and especially not in our schools. I will work to keep Critical Race Theory out of our schools by personally reviewing curriculum, ensuring teachers understand its unacceptability, and keeping abreast of the means by which this insidiously harmful worldview might worm its way into our schools”.

Finally, Mr. Dunn added the following thoughts: “I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to take an active role in our governance. As such, it is clear that a community’s schools are a reflection of its values and priorities. I want to do my part to see to it that our schools provide the best quality education possible for our children, while at the same time, doing what I can to see to it that our schools operate in a fiscally responsible manner... You and your classmates are OUR future, and I don’t take that realization lightly.”

Thank you, Mr. Dunn, for answering my interview questions.

Nicole Proskine