When are we going to hold our elected officials accountable? The decisions they make adversely affect our lives. They are supposed to be working for us. Should we keep sending these elected officials to Boise if they are voting how the leadership wants them to? They are working for us. How do your senator and representatives vote on important issues? Do you know their American Conservative Union or Idaho Freedom Foundation ratings? How many of your elected officials send newsletters when they’re in session, keeping you informed on upcoming bills and how they would affect you? And asking for feedback?

A lot of elected officials would rather you didn’t know how they voted. The ones with low ratings attack the score keepers. Just depends on whom they are beholding to, the leadership or the people who voted them into office? Idaho Senate’s last year session productive score was 54. Do you want to keep sending the same senators and representatives who aren’t voting with our conservative values? And expect a different outcome? It is up to us to keep the elected officials who are doing a good job and vote out the ones who are not. Please, do your homework with city and school boards elections coming up, also.

Rebecca Crea