Hitler once said, “Give me your children for the first five years of their life, and they will be mine for the rest of their lives.”

A newborn’s brain is not fully developed until the age of five years. Since American government-run schools began, children have not been allowed to enter kindergarten until five years of age.

Now, not only is the radical Left, led by Hitler, frantically encouraging the indoctrination of Radical White Supremacy, Racism & Sexuality to our children, but they are now pushing to add two years of “Pre-School” in order to stuff this disgusting rhetoric deeply into the innocent/loving minds of our babies.

The $3.5 trillion bill, which the Dems plan to push through the house without a bipartisan vote, will be bringing what they are calling “Social Infrastructure” which is targeting their Hitlerized “Pre-School” plans.

We have to fight back!!

Geri Goldsberry