We are excited to announce the proposed formation for a new ambulance district for the people and by the people from the community. The name of this proposed ambulance district is Valley United EMS Ambulance District. We are a concerned group of Kamiah EMTs who are independent from the city of Kamiah. We want to give a voice back to the people who trusted us for so many years. This new proposed inclusive ambulance district will be using local, well-known first responders, EMTs and advance EMTs, with the goal of keeping costs minimal for our community with the same dedication and aspiration to grow in the skills as we have always done in the past.

Feel free to ask questions! Follow us on Facebook at “Proposed-Valley United Ambulance District” or by e-mail valleyunitedambulance@gmail.com. This is just the start of something new and wonderful for the Kamiah valley. We will continue to update Facebook page with new information. Stay healthy and safe! Wash your hands and practice social distancing.

Shirley Clopton, and cosigners Mike Adair, Carol Adair, Joni Kelley


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