Education has always been a hot button. It was mentioned in the Northwest Ordinance almost two centuries ago to allocate massive territorial lands to promote education and even today it receives tons of tax monies, most of which is applied by the state and federal governments with strings attached.

There is a difference, however, between education and training.

Education teaches you how to learn and think with a base of moral training that helps one discern right from wrong. Training, on the other hand, teaches you what to think and how to follow directions. The two are diametrically opposed to each other.

President Eisenhower alluded to a Military-Industrial-Complex in his infamous 1961 farewell address. It is telling that he did not mention the word “academic” that was written in his original notes, making it a “Military-Industrial-Academic Complex” which he was trying to warn us about.

The universities feed the corporations with trained graduates that can quickly plug into projects and learn what to do, but not think too hard about whether or not what they are doing is right or wrong. So we now have trained geniuses creating AI, designed obsolescence, deadly drugs and bio-weapons, robots and drones that create tech dynasties and possible military threats to people and they continue to travel down a very sick road towards trans-humanism that is submerging all we know as human.

This is because the correct goal of true education is not knowledge or conformity or efficiency, but the development of character and wisdom.

More than ever, with the Internet, all anyone has to know is how to read (or watch videos) and virtually all knowledge is open to them.

The only way to navigate this flood of information is to have wisdom to discern the truth from fiction and that requires common sense and moral character.

The Main-Stream-Media (MSM) is trying to act as our moral compass and it is succeeding because many graduates of our educational system have neither discernment nor character and so swallow and believe whatever the news tells them that fits the narrative gained from their training.

Moral character is extremely important to have in a free society. We cannot be free if we cannot govern ourselves and a moral cage, so to speak, is what enables a society to exist without enslavement to regulations and thought police.

Anyone who votes for whoever is most popular or takes a social justice warrior stand because that is what they think their peers want to hear has no moral courage or compass. They have been converted into the drone of a demagogue or enslaved by fear, selling their soul for a bowl of porridge.

We now have a significant split between people who follow the MSM narrative and those who think for themselves using common sense.

This lack of discernment and common sense is literally dividing our country.

Our educational system is systematically destroying the greatness that was once called America.

Consider the fact that our state legislature is considering some important budget measures that will effect whether or not our higher institutions of learning (paid for by your taxes) will teach Critical Race Theory as not only a requirement for the students, but for the teachers, as well.

What will it take to salvage ourselves from the self-enslaving institution of government education? I suggest we walk away from centralized and institutionalized government schools and pursue excellence locally and on our own. The age of the institutionalized government funded education systems is over and this dinosaur must soon die or we shall die trying to keep it alive.

Sandy (Sanford) Staab