There is no need to divide our republic by all the races and cultures who live in this country, who are legal U.S. citizens, as we all have the same rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If you are in this country by breaking our laws of immigration, then you should not get any of the privileges given to our legal citizens, you should not burden U.S. taxpayers to a point of bankruptcy, because if this country fails, you will have nowhere in the world to seek refuge again.

We need to stop the cultural wars going on in our country right now and put America first. Have you ever given any thought to the way different cultures are always listed before the word American? Such as: Native American, Hispanic American, African American, Chinese American, etc.

If you want to be included in this country, then just reversing the above words by putting American in front, will automatically include your race as an American culture first. The left enjoys cancelling out culture with their anti-American phrases of equality, equity and finally, racism. Everything you say against the current administration and its policies, you are considered a racist or, even worse, a domestic terrorist. If you are a democrat, you should be called a Marxist because that is where the democratic party is taking this country. Democrats have outwardly stated the federal government should have control over what should be parents’ right to know what is being taught to their kids. Also, the democrats have been the reason gasoline, propane, and natural gas prices are going through the roof. The democrats have, all by themselves, blown up the border and our immigration policies. Democrats are not for America, and they are tearing up our American Constitution with these stupid policies and mandates.

American patriots, whether republican or democrat, are starting to wake up to this woke culture that is being put on them. Name one, single policy that the Obama/Biden administrations pushed that is pro-American.

If we don’t stop this evil takeover of our country, we will lose it. The globalist elites will run the world and we will all be their slaves, no matter what your race is. Your freedom is, or I should say, should be your choice, so make your choice wisely and factually.

God Bless America.

Perry Goodwin