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Planning for the COVID pandemic by the Syringa Hospital and Clinic staff took a great many hours and much energy. All the work was done behind the scenes while still serving the community and attending to their medical needs.

The COVID crisis did not hit the Syringa hospital until very late last year, but a toll had been exacted on the staff in the hard work it took to prepare for the pandemic.

They had to endure layoffs when hospital volumes dropped and then had to work additional hours when fellow staff members contracted COVID and positions had to be covered. The hospital and clinic staff also faced getting infected, too, and at the same time had to deal respectfully with members of the community who resisted taking normal COVID precautions.

Now they are going about vaccinating the whole community, even given they have no background in conducting mass vaccinations. Our hospital and clinic staff study, learn, and adapt to serve the medical needs of the community.

Over and over again the hospital, clinic staff, and all of the supporting staff, have risen to the crisis at hand to serve the community in its most critical hour. We support and celebrate their commitment to serving their community and recognize the sacrifices they have made on our behalf.

Thank you to all of the Syringa Hospital and Clinic staff for your service and dedication in caring for all the people you serve in Grangeville, and all the other communities throughout Idaho County.

Jim May is the chair of the Idaho County Democratic Party editorial committee.