This column is likely the hardest I’ve ever had to write. No matter how hard I try or how much time I have to ponder and compose, it’s just insufficient to compress all that should be said. How do you say goodbye to your readership? Your community? Your work family? Last week the owner of […]

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The Kamiah City Council’s decision to purchase a used street sweeper is curious considering the backlog of roads that need urgent attention throughout town. Last week the council, in a split 3-1 decision, opted to purchase a 2002 Elgin street sweeper from the city of Orofino for $25,000—”a screaming deal,” according to Councilor Stephen Rowe. […]

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” This statement from the prophet Jeremiah was written around 2,600 years ago. It describes what humans really are at their core—apart from God. Mankind is incapable of solving the exquisite ills he manufactures. In his grandiose hubris he thinks the enforcement […]

COVID-19 has quickly transformed our world. Response to it ranges over the entire emotional spectrum. The reaction to it is quite unlike anything we have faced in our lifetime. Measures have commenced and will continue that most of us have never witnessed in such scale. Churches, schools, businesses, cities and even entire states are closed […]

Bad dogs, bad dogs Whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do When they come for you? Actually, nothing since the city of Kamiah has no plans at this time to deal with naughty pooches. Thanks to lax enforcement of dog laws, a growing number of canines are running at large creating mayhem in the city. Some […]

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It’s great to see that the city of Kamiah and 15 EMTs have settled a squabble that had potential to endanger patient care. After numerous conversations between the EMTs and EMT Lead Andrea Layne, the EMTs have been reinstated and are back on the duty schedule. Hopefully a lasting peace and effective working relationship will […]

The recount of Kamiah’s city election involving Bob West and Stephen Rowe leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of definitive confirmation, there is a seed of doubt. In the initial vote on Nov. 5, Stephen Rowe finished second behind Genese Simler with 107 votes. Bob West took third with 104 votes. The top two […]

On Oct. 21, the Kamiah Kiwanis Club will officially turn 38, one of the oldest still active non-profit community focused organizations in the Upper Clearwater Valley. In mid-September the club celebrated its anniversary with a spectacular fish fry thanks to a club member’s donation of Alaskan fish. Since its inception in 1981, the club has […]

Maybe the stage at Riverfront Park should be reduced to firewood and given to needy families. Or sell chunks of it as souvenirs to raise funds for street repairs. The 14-year-old mostly wood stage is in rough shape with many of its exposed timbers badly faded and numerous end sections rotting due to a lack […]

The annual Barbecue Days celebration is just around the corner and that means extra work for Kamiah’s public works crew. I appreciate the time and effort they spend making our city infrastructure work. I’m sure they have dealt with some real humdingers when parts fail or something goes terribly sidewise in the middle of the […]

Last week I embarked on the second step of a lofty goal to climb all of Idaho’s nine peaks over 12,000 feet. Doing so makes you a 12er. I never knew such a thing existed. My first step actually took place about 22 years earlier when I climbed/scrambled up Idaho’s version of Mount Everest. Mount […]

We celebrate our national independence two days later than we should. July 4 has been the commonly taught and practiced day of observing our nation’s independence from the Redcoats. However, the day our Continental Congress actually proclaimed liberty was two days earlier on July 2. So what gives? According to the Constitution Center, the Continental […]

It’s once again that time of year for one of the lesser celebrated holidays known as Father’s Day. Maybe it’s a result of bad timing. It comes on the heels of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. The former is the Most Valuable Player Award with hugs and kisses, chocolates and rose petal parades—all justly warranted. […]

Stopping the recall petition aimed at a trio of Kamiah’s city councilors was a smart move by county and city officials. A recall effort initiated by Henry Bailey against Paul Schlader, Dan Millward, and Glen Hibbs was validated late last week, but after some legal issues were brought to the attention of county officials early […]

Contracting with the Lewis County Sheriff for law enforcement service makes the most sense for the city of Kamiah. Here’s why. The top reason is experience. By contracting with the Lewis County Sheriff, the city of Kamiah will have a trained, experienced, and professional lawman overseeing police officers and policing in Kamiah. This is a […]

Listening to the rancor and vitriol presented at last week’s emergency Kamiah City Council session felt nauseating at times. The only thing that seemed to be missing from the picture were the torches and pitchforks. The fact that people are upset and confused about Kamiah’s police force resigning without notice—with the exception of Officer Jason […]

Thirteen years ago the City of Kamiah missed a golden—quite literally—opportunity to raise a handsome amount of money from a lease agreement with cell company Inland Cellular.

If more federal land and designated Wilderness and Wild & Scenic rivers is supposed to result in more economy and jobs then Idaho County should be among the wealthiest in the nation.

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It is refreshing to see strong community support of former Kamiah Mayor Dale Schneider’s use of prayer to start city council meetings. Doing what is right must always be defended. Our nation is at war with its identity because of a growing minority who want to discredit and destroy the historical and spiritual bedrock in […]

I never would have imagined being given the opportunity to meet, let alone interview, NFL legend Herschel Walker, but sometimes the world moves in unexpected ways and we must be open and ready for it.

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A little over a year and a half ago the widow of David Kries and members of the Kiwanis Club gathered at the corner of Main and 5th streets in Kamiah on a rainy morning to honor one of Kamiah’s most extraordinary persons.