KAMIAH – During a four-day conference in Washington, D.C., the Upriver Youth Leadership Council’s (UYLC) Youth Advisory Board (YAB) learned how to be better leaders, prevent drugs, and experienced what life outside of the Gem State was like.

Eight YAB members and three of their mentors stayed in D.C. for a total of seven days. Those YAB members included junior Daisy Bower, YAB president, junior Ragen Farris, YAB treasurer, eighth-grader Alexa Davy, middle school representative, senior MaKinna Wilson, YAB vice president, sophomore Autumn Korponay, YAB secretary, sophomore Elizabeth Stemrich, high school representative, freshman Ariel Kane, YAB member, and Caleb Ekah, YAB member. The mentors involved were Leah York, Kama Payton, and Amber Sanderson.

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