Students learned canoe use and safety photo

Students learned canoe use and safety during a May 13 Conservation Field Day, held at Winchester State Park.

WINCHESTER — Teaching outdoors is natural for the Lewis Soil Conservation District (LSCD). Getting students outdoors and teaching them about conservation and natural resources is something they have been doing for 48 years. The LSCD served the community by organizing and hosting the Annual Sixth Grade Field Day at Winchester Lake State Park, May 13. This year, the event was enjoyed by sixth graders from Prairie, Kamiah, and Highland school districts.

Eileen Rowan, Idaho Soil Conservation Commission, instructed “Soils and Geology.” Robert Johnson, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, brought out a trailer loaded with poles and tackle and instructed a “Take me Fishing” station. “Fire Control” was instructed by Jed Pentzer, Idaho Department of Lands (IDL). Chris Gerhart, Dave Luther, and Jeremy Isbelle (IDL), presented a “Forestry” station. Johna Boulafentis from the Nez Perce Tribe Air Quality Program instructed an “Air Quality” station. Tyler Nelson, IDL and LSCD, took the students for a hike on a “Nature Trail.” Ken Hart, University of Idaho Extension Office, and Eric Hasselstrom, LSCD, provided canoe use and safety instruction and assisted with life jackets.

LSCD appreciates the support from Winchester Lake State Park. Also much appreciated were Leanne Trautman and Jeremy Heft from the Winchester Quick Response Unit. Special thanks to Karol Holthaus for taking time out of her busy retirement to prepare lunches for the instructors, to be the timekeeper, and to lend a hand wherever she saw a need.

­— Information provided by the Lewis Soil Conservation District.