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State reporting on vehicle crashes will no longer include names or patient transportation information, according to Idaho State Police (ISP).

Announced this month, the new ISP policy will be no longer releasing the names of people involved in accidents, and what hospital any patients are transported to. Local county coroners are also now taking on the task of making public the names of decedents involved in vehicle crashes.

Remaining the same will be ISP reporting a general summary of the accident or incident, as well as of traffic alerts of lane or road blockages through ISP district Twitter accounts.

Reason for the change was outlined in the following ISP statement:

“Releasing the names of all individuals involved while the investigation is ongoing has been found to be a potential interference in those investigations, and it is essential for all involved that investigations proceed unobstructed. It’s also a step to protect the privacy of those involved, including those who may be victims, witnesses, or under investigation for being responsible for a crash, as well as patient medical privacy. These updates also bring ISP’s procedure regarding vehicle crash releases in line with a number of other Idaho law enforcement agencies that regularly issue news releases following vehicle crashes.”

To follow ISP alerts for North Central Idaho District 2 (Latah, Lewis, Nez Perce, Clearwater, Adams, and Idaho counties) through Twitter: @ISPCentralIdaho.