KOOSKIA — When one school year ends and a new one comes around, it always tends to bring a lot of changes with it. For Clearwater Valley Junior/Senior High (CVJSH), some of this year’s changes come in the form of seven new teachers: four in the high school and three in the junior high.

Karri Perdue has taken over as the new English teacher for grades 9, 11 and 12. She attended University of Texas and University of Idaho and has now been teaching for the last 20 years on and off. Perdue said she “has always had a passion for education and knew that she wanted to do something to help people.” Having grown up with a mother who was also a teacher influenced her decision to follow that career path. When Perdue’s husband recently retired, they bought property in the area and moved up here from Salt Lake, Utah.

The new English language arts teacher for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade is Lisa Goodrich. She grew up in Pierce and got her degree at Lewis-Clark State College. From there she moved to California and taught for 16 years. In 2018, Goodrich was able to move back to Idaho and worked at Northwest Children’s Home. There she dedicated herself to helping children who face emotional disorders using a trauma informed approach. When Goodrich applied for a job in the district, she ended up with her current position at CVJSH.

Mike Carlile is teaching high school math and science, including pre-algebra, algebra 1, earth science and inquiry science. Carlile graduated from College of Western Idaho, as well as College of Idaho, and is now in his sixth year of teaching. After working 10 years in the prison system, Carlile decided he needed to find something different. Knowing he had enjoyed the time he spent training others in the military, he decided to pursue education. Before moving here he was teaching at Columbia High School in Nampa. Carlile always wanted to live up north, so when his children finally moved out, he “took his opportunity” and found a job in the Clearwater Valley.

Kamm Mangun graduated high school at CVJHS and got a degree at University of Montana. He said he “is excited to be back in the community,” which he feels is “the exact place he needs to be.” Some of the classes Mangun teaches are various P.E. and health classes for both junior high and high school, lifetime sports and weightlifting classes. This is his first year as a full-time teacher, but he has spent short periods teaching in Africa and at basketball camps in El Salvador. Mangun believes “every student deserves an advocate to succeed” and strives to help people reach their full potential in whatever area that may be.

After the previous year of having a permanent-substitute teacher (Karen Swearingen) for the history classes at CVJHS, Shawn O’Donnell has taken the job as the permanent-non-substitute teacher. O’Donnell attended University of Idaho and has spent 10 years in education. The classes he teaches are early American history, U.S. history, and U.S. government. O’Donnell is a military veteran who served in Iraq, enjoys fishing, and holds strong beliefs that the youth should know their history and participate in their future.

Ben Theiss and Ed Simmons are also new teachers at CV this year. Theiss is teaching 6th grade math, 8th grade science and 8th grade computers. Simmons teaches various middle and high school P.E. and health classes.

In addition to the new teachers, CV has three new staff members: Loretta Childers (junior high secretary), Mandy Hendren (junior high aide, special education/response to intervention), and Eryn Newsom (response to intervention).

Cora Maybach is a senior at Clearwater Valley Junior/Senior High School, who is interning with the paper for her senior project.