Todd Fiske photo

Todd Fiske.

KOOSKIA — After a lengthy executive session at the Feb. 22 Mountain View School District (MVSD) 244 board meeting, trustees voted unanimously to extend superintendent Todd Fiske’s contract by a year and add 10 vacation days, as well.

Earlier in the evening, the board voted 4-1 to renew the district’s five administrator (principal) contracts. Trustee Casey Smith of Clearwater was the sole “no” vote.

“I do not understand how we are voting for all five at once, in one motion. What if I am not in favor of one of them?” he questioned.

“Then you can vote no,” chair Rebecca Warden said following discussion after the motion to renew all five was made in one motion and seconded.

“This is a fiasco,” Smith said, voting no without further discussion.

Additional conversation centered around the continuing effort of reading, updating and accepting revised district policies.

When it came to policy 4210, community use of schools, trustee Brad Lutz of Grangeville questioned Fiske’s proposed fee structure.

“Why is there such a difference between the elementary and high school gym use fees?” he asked. Fiske said in his inquiries throughout the region, he jotted down similar fees to help update the policy. He had listed $50 for the high schools and $15 for the elementary schools, with some variables including the use of other areas additional costs per hour for more than four hours of use.

“What’s the purpose of these fees?” Lutz asked. “Why charge? Is it to discourage use? Recoup? Cleaning?”

“We want the facilities to be open for the community to use, but also recoup some cleanup and utility costs,” Fiske answered.

“I feel like these buildings are owned by the community and we want to encourage the community to use them,” Lutz stated.

Minimum and maximum fee structures were thrown around with final wording to be placed by Fiske that includes a statement of leaving discretion to the building principals. Feelings in the room varied with the differences in if the event is a money-maker, if there are gate fees, etc. Those who use the facility (outside of school-related use) already must possess $1 million liability insurance for each activity.

“We have to remember these events also help bring people into town,” and boost the economy, Warden said.

A variety of outside events are usually held at the schools each year, including AAU tournaments, dance recitals, and craft and quilt shows.