Elaine Hutchison photo

Elaine Hutchison with her Quilt House Cookbook and a few of her quilts.

WOODLAND — When Elaine Hutchison opened a bed and breakfast in Woodland back in 2000, some of her neighbors were dubious. They wondered “who would come here for a bed and breakfast?” This month as she prepares to close the Quilt House bed and breakfast and Quilt Shop, she reflects back on the many people who did come:

People driving U.S. Highway 12, 4th grade teachers exploring the Lewis and Clark Trail during the 2003-04 bicentennial, families attending weddings or funerals at the nearby Woodland Friends Church, to name a few.

After Hutchison and her daughter, Delaina Berg, began traveling around the country as vendors at quilt shows, word spread of her bed and breakfast. She began hosting weeklong quilt workshops, up to eight a year, and quilters became her main guests.

Her Quilt Shop and B&B were featured in the Lewiston Tribune, Ruralite and Country Woman magazine. After two European women included her in a book called “Quilts & Nature, across the USA,” a couple from Germany traveled to Woodland to stay with her. She also had a family of five from the Netherlands who flew to Seattle, rented an RV and stopped at the Quilt Shop en route to Yellowstone, buying a total of six quilts, a banner day for the shop.

After one last quilt workshop, she will have a clearance sale at the Quilt Shop (247 Flying Elk Drive, Woodland) on Friday, April 30, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. to clear out her remaining fabric, quilt kits and thread.

“It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work. I will miss the other quilters,” said Hutchison. She plans to stay in the house, traveling seasonally.

She said the Woodland area has changed since she first saw it with many more houses and people now. She still recalls first coming to the area in October 1998 to look for land to buy and there were only a few old farmhouses scattered around. When she first scrambled up the hill from the end of the road to reach the property she saw a beautiful sunset and thought “God said this is where he wanted me.”