Kamiah Preschool students photo

Kamiah Preschool students having a puppet show using puppets purchased by the Kamiah Education Foundation and teacher Michelle Sonnen.

KAMIAH — Preschool kids are wild about puppets.

According to Michelle Sonnen, early childhood special education teacher, Kamiah Joint School District 304, the Kamiah Education Foundation (KEF) purchased three puppets for the preschool and early childhood special education program, and those were used last year before COVID took everyone out of school.

“We taught the children social-emotional skills to deal with trauma, stress, and anxiety in their lives,” she said. “Because the response was so positive, I purchased 26 more puppets, using my own money, for the preschool curriculum to help teach the alphabet and phonics. It has been a wonderful program and the children delight in giving a voice to each puppet. We are grateful to the KEF for allowing us to experiment with puppets...we should have realized Mr. Rogers had it figured out all along! Children love puppets.”