KAMIAH — Dr. Stan Hudson, director of the Creation Study Center in Vancouver, Washington held a two night series, “Origins —The Evidence of Creation” in the filled conference room of the Clearwater 12 Motel on Sept. 24-25 in Kamiah. His discourse on the tension between science and religion, the development of the evolutionary theory, the explanation of the flat layers of the Grand Canyon, the insights from Mt. St. Helens’ eruption, and studies of geologist J. Harlan Bretz’s observations of Lake Missoula were just some of the topics covered.

The 69 participants were invited to enter drawings for gift bird wood-carvings by local artist, Mel Fowlkes and DVDs by the speaker. Following the seminar on Friday evening, Dr. Hudson answered questions and invited participants to examine his collection of fossils.

“You’ll have to stop in and visit our museum,” the speaker invited the audience. This “hands-on learning experience” is dedicated to the pursuit of “knowledge in our physical world and through the scriptures.”

For information about the Creation Study Center, visit info@creationstudycenter.com.

— Article provided by Cathy Law

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