Todd Fiske photo

Todd Fiske.

KOOSKIA — “I want to be clear, for the record, these are not bonuses, correct?” trustee Katie Matthews asked at the May 17 Mountain View School District board meeting.

“These are definitely not bonuses,” MVSD business manager Becky Hogg said.

Following discussion, the board voted unanimously to pay $77,747 in 71 leadership premium rewards to educators in the district.

This money is state mandated and funded, not paid by the school district, for leadership positions within each school. This funding had been part of the governor’s 5 percent educational holdback, so was not anticipated for the current school year; however, the district recently received word the money would be made available for 2020-21.

“This is not negotiated or a bonus, but it is via the Idaho Legislature and Idaho Code 33104J,” Hogg explained.

The leadership premiums are based on activities teachers take on above and beyond their normal scope of duty. Each position will receive $1,095.

“This is money that we will lose if it is not used — it will not carry over to another year,” superintendent Todd Fiske added.

“I want to thank staff who took these positions on even when there was zero expectancy to be paid for them,” vice chair Melisa Kaschmitter said. “I cannot think of many jobs where people will take on extra duties after being told they won’t be paid for it.”

The board voted unanimously to approve the leadership premiums.