May 30 to June 6, 2021

May 30th – Traffic Stop-MISD DWP.

May 31st – Noise Complaint-Rp would like to file noise complaint/neighbors started playing loud music/Rp wants to remain anonymous.

May 31st – Burglary Residence-Rp advised that someone broke into her cabin again/would like to file report/Rp will be on property until about 1500 hrs. this afternoon.

June 1st – Burglary-Rp advised unit 22 has lock that has been cut.

June 1st – Embezzlement-Rp advised would like to make a report of embezzlement of church funds from community presbyterian.

June 2nd – Accident PD-Motorcycle/car/non injury.

June 2nd – Theft-Rp stated brother lives in house #4 and has been receiving mail from the Rp for the last few years/the Rp was out to visit his brother and advised that Lakeside Residential staff has been opening his mail and taking the gift cards out of the mail that the Rp has been sending/the Rp advised the total is around $5,000/2100 is going to be transferring case to ISP due to conflict of interest.

June 2nd – Fight-Idaho/11th/behind Bro Building/Female hit male/black shirt, blue pants/red cutoff shirt, blue jeans/unknown weapons.

June 3rd – Accident-Truck with camper.

June 4th – Traffic Stop.

June 4th – Theft-Rp advised someone is stealing stuff from the trailer across the street from the Rp/then Rp went to tell him to leave, got into a verbal altercation/then Rp got starter fluid thrown in his eyes.

June 5th – Accident PD-Rp advised that white van with windows-similar to a box van was passing a vehicle driving northbound on 95 and forced her into the ditch as she was driving southbound on 95. Vehicle is 1990s Ford Econdoline van with AZ plate, ISP with driver at Tom Beall Rd and Hwy 95-driver is suicidal and has weapon in front center console; ISP has driver detained.