July 4 to July 10, 2021

July 7th - Accident PD-Vehicles are across the street from the H.S. one backed into the other; non blocking and non injury.

July 7th - Burglary Residence-St. Josephs Mission; when the Rp returned today the door to the house was kicked in along with all the out buildings and the church; missing some chain saws, tools, silverware sets; still making a list of what all is missing; the garages were broken into as well; Rp lives in Salt Lake City and is up here for the week until next Wednesday; Rp believes the break in was fairly recent within the last week; Rp does not have cell service when at the mission; Rp is staying at a motel in Lewiston; Rp will be at the mission until Aprox. 3 p.m. tomorrow; Rp would like to file a report.

July 8th - Traffic Stop-Possible Dui; two subjects.

July 8th - Threats-Rp advised they were threatened to “kick his a** all over the place; paid Rp for dog he was unable to take so Rp claimed to have written him a check; Rp advised a week and a half ago; hit him multiple times but was never reported.

July 10th - Fight-Multiple 911 calls of group of 12 subjects from bar fighting in the park; possible knife involved; listed Rps husband was jumped by group of five men one in White and Black striped shirt and one in red shirt; husband is injured and hiding awaiting location for medical.