October 3 to 9, 2021

Oct. 3 – Agency Assist-Audible burglary alarm at the casino showing to rear office, rear exit entry, 2421 entry from Lapwai.

Oct. 3 – Assault-Assaulted in the back alley, cab has hey injury, is a 32 young woman, medium length blonde hair, red plaid shirt, jeans, on foot southbound with an unknown friend.

Oct. 3 – Firearm Violation-Rp advised wife heard gunshot and found cat injured; believes neighbor shot cat.

Oct. 3 – Threats-Rp advised neighbor was threatening to kill her at her work place, would like officer contact.

Oct. 3 – Vandalism.

Oct. 6 – Theft-Rp advised she has client whose neighbor is stealing her meds and taking her pain patches off of her. Rp would like officer contact.

Oct. 6 – Wanted Subject-TS resulting in warrant.

Oct. 7 – Vandalism-Rp just wanted it documented that someone has been out to his property at end of Hamilton Rd and tore out the gates, there are four-wheeler tracks but no one there now; Rp does not want officer contact.

Oct. 7 – Domestic-Forty-year-old-female, cab, dislocated thumb.

Oct. 7 – Traffic Stop-Traffic Stop resulting in FTP.

Oct. 8 – Accident PI-Rp advised three vehicle accident/ a Fedex box truck was unable to stop in time and rear ended a vehicle and that vehicle rear ended another; unknown injuries at this time.

Oct. 8 – DWP.

Oct. 8 – Accident PI-One vehicle accident, one elderly female, unknown injuries.

Oct. 9 – Arrest.

Oct. 9 – Agency Assist-Assisting with a possible intoxicated tribal male at the track that possibly was walking by a house at 718 Nickels St, peeing on sidewalk in front on the house.