June 6 to June 19, 2021

June 6th – Harassment-Rp stated that she recently moved out and moved to Grangeville; was living with friend and her family; Rp stated that the friend will not giver her belongings back and also stated that her friend sent her text messages stating that she broke her belongings.

June 7th – Traffic Stop-DWP and no insurance.

June 8th – Fraud-Rp got a phone call from a male stating his name and posing for her sister and had Rp send $10,100 cash to an address in MD; stating she would get back $150,000/address sent/404 Ogle Ave, Fruitland, MD.

June 9th – Fire Structure-Electronic fire in the wall at back of shop, can see flames in the wall near gas tanks/smoke.

June 9th – Information-Contacted 911 to ICSO that there are sex offenders too close to her children.

June 9th – Animal Problem-Three dogs attacked the Rp’s dog in his yard that was tied up; the dog has minor wounds that the Rp stated was bleeding and he took care of the wounds.

June 9th – Theft-Rp LL stating he is chasing a white pickup with WA plates; the suspect was trying to steal his vehicle.

June 12th – Assault-Lost Rp do to sig/only info at this time is a blue pickup truck with WA plate/Rp stated a gun was pointed and fired towards them; WB Hwy 62.

June 13th – Threats-Rp went to check on her sister who lives with someone in Craigmont; Rp was across the street no on friends property; Rp stated that someone came out and told her to leave and said he would kick her in the stomach like he would her dog; Rp left and returned home to Lewiston; Rp is pregnant.

June 14th – Accident PI-Rp advised motorcycle accident near boat ramp on Hwy 12; driver may have broken leg.

June 14th – Accident PI-Rp advised Ford Ranger pickup over embankment 15-20 feet; unknown injuries at this time; vehicle is rolled on top; driver pinned; extrication needed.

June 15th – Animal Problem-Dog killed cat.

June 18th – Possible DUI-Rp advised groups of people peeling off in a green Ford super-duty with five people in the bed and a 70S Model Blue Ford/headed towards the campgrounds; alcohol involved.

June 19th – Fight-Rp can hear but not see male and female screaming at each other/unknown alcohol or weapons.

June 19th – Suspicious Circumstance-Rp advised that a man is taking photos of the little girls swimming out at 5 Mile Creek boat launch; Rp stated the man is creepy and made weird statements that he is camping out there until he finds his three girlfriends; he is driving a silver Dodge pickup with a homemade camper and towing a sailboat; has a sticker on the back of his truck that he likes little girls and made sure to point that out to the Rp; wants check run on the vehicle and RO-NEG wants but is suspended out.

June 19th – Drug Paraphernalia-PER 2105/pursuant to a search of the vehicle event.

June 19th – Traffic Stop-Traffic stop resulting in DUI.