Feb 21, 2021 to Feb 27, 2021

Feb. 22nd – Vandalism-Rp advised they found vandalism in the school and would like officer contact.

Feb. 22nd – Accident PD-Rp advised someone hit his truck in the parking lot at Highland High School.

Feb. 23rd – Accident PD-SUV in the ditch.

Feb. 23rd – DUI-Rp advised husband just left Culdesac in Black F150/Rp believes he has been drinking.

Feb. 23rd – Property Damage-City hit the building with a plow.

Feb. 24th – Accident PD-Vehicle in the river.

Feb. 25th – Accident PI-Rp advised one vehicle hit guardrail/in ditch/bound lane.

Feb. 25th – Vandalism-Rp advised customers back window busted out while shopping/maroon 4d SUV.

Feb. 26th – Vandalism-Rp barn has broken windows from rocks thrown through them/there are tracks in the snow that come up from Main St. to the barn/the barn is located at the end of 10th St.