Brad Schaff photo

Brad Schaff addresses the Mountain View School District 244 board of trustees on April 19.

GRANGEVILLE — “I’m forcing your hand — I just need you to tell me tonight what to do with it, how to proceed,” Mountain View School District 244 Superintendent Todd Fiske told board trustees April 19.

Fiske said the 0.9 acres of land on Seven Mile, just outside of Kamiah, owned by MVSD 244, has taken a lot of time to research, and, still, he does not know much about it.

“I am not sure why the district owns this little piece of land or where it came from — maybe from the railroad?” he questioned.

He said the pie-shaped piece of ground has two switchbacks straight up the steep mountainside.

Earlier in the meeting, Brad Schaff of Kamiah had addressed the board during public input concerning the property.

“We are interested in purchasing the 17 acres surrounding it,” he said. “I know there’s litany involved in the selling of government property, but we would like to be able to have a commercial easement there and ask that you would discuss this.”

Fiske said when the property questions arrived several months ago from outside sources potentially interested in purchasing it, he did some research and also called for an assessment of the property, but has not received any return calls, so the true value of the property is unknown. To sell it, the district would have to have it assessed, advertise it and put it out to bid, among other bureaucratic hoops.

The board voted to table the possible selling of the property at this time, but voted to allow Schaff to pursue a commercial easement for $1,500, made payable to the district, plus any legal or other fees associated with the endeavor, as well as to make sure a liability insurance rider is enacted.