Kamiah Fire Chief Bill Arsenault photo

Kamiah Fire Chief Bill Arsenault leads a training session.

KAMIAH — Just in time for summer activities and people heading to the mountains, Kamiah Fire-Rescue is offering a hands-only CPR, (including AED and choking) and Stop-the-Bleed class on Thursday June 17 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for people in Kamiah and the surrounding area. The course will be held at Kamiah Fire-Rescue at 515 Main St. and taught by KFR staff. The class is free and it is suitable for children ages 6 through adults. It can be a great opportunity for a family to attend the session together.

Why hands-only CPR? According to KFR Chief Bill Arsenault, thinking has shifted in the past four years to teaching the public to perform chest compressions and not mouth to mouth resuscitation. Many people are hesitant about performing mouth-to-mouth. Arsenault said that the chest compressions can still help circulate oxygenated blood in the person.

The CPR class includes instruction and practice using an automated external defibrillator. These are used to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Arsenault said several of these are located around town and he is working on adding more. He acknowledged that it would be helpful to have more people in the community familiar with their use.

Why take a stop-the-bleed course? Arsenault said “The number 1 killer of people involved in traumatic events is uncontrolled bleeding.” He recommends the class for anyone involved in outdoor recreation or working around heavy equipment. “A lot of new people are moving into the area, and they are realizing they are not close to a hospital” said Arsenault. He encourages people to be prepared since help may be a long way off.

When asked about children participating in the class Arsenault said “kids are smart, they are learning how to do things watching a YouTube video.” The class includes hands-on practice for people of all ages. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Learn to Save A Life...who knows, it could be someone you love or know.

If you have questions, please contact ddemarco@cityofkamiah.org or call KFR at 208-935-0935. You can sign up ahead of time or just show up that night.