HKD students at tourney photo

HKD students pictured at the Oct. 9 tournament: (L-R) front: Jack Hickman, Mariah Crawford, Evelyn Hickman, Ian Hickman, Ellie Crawford, Thomas Crawford, Chael Manley; back: Samantha Wilson, Caleb Miller, Brennan Biesecker, Alex Rich, Nathan Miller and (sitting) Matt Hickman. Not pictured: Aaron Hicks, Andrew Hicks, Christian Hicks, Lance Labrum, Lauren Graves, Antonio Fischer and Melody Fischer.

KAMIAH — “Other martial arts programs have come and gone, yet this one keeps on trucking!” said Matt Hickman, owner/operator for HKD Martial Arts. The program has been running for six years, and HKD (Hickman Keichu-Do) provides a form of martial arts that blends karate and judo, “with a pinch of boxing and wrestling thrown in for good measure,” he said.

Hickman continued the Keichu-Do portion of the name translates to “devoted entirely to the way;” the “way” being Jesus Christ.

“While the art is intended to be used as a tool for ministry,” he said, “no participants are required or pressured into becoming a Christian, even though that is our hope for all humanity.”

The program tested its students earlier last month at the Oct. 9 Quest of Champions tournament in Lewiston.

“Kamiah showed an especially strong dominance in the wrestling event at the tournament,” Hickman said, “securing multiple first-place wins, with very few students being defeated in grappling. This year marked the first time a homegrown HKD student challenged the adult black belt bracket.”

Nathan Miller swept the adult black belt kata division, securing a grand champion victory over all black belt participants. He also secured a first-place win in grappling, dispatching his black belt opponent via strangulation within the first 20 seconds of the match.

Nineteen HKD students competed in their respective divisions. Sixteen of them placed, with 11 being first-place wins. Those securing first place wins were Aaron Hicks in blocker sparring, Alex Rich in grappling, Lance Labrum in weapons kata and grappling, Ian Heckman in grappling and kata, Caleb Miller in sparring, Samantha Wilson in grappling, Melody Fischer in grappling and blocker sparring, and Nathan Miller in kata, weapons kata and grappling.

Many more placed second and third. For a complete listing of 1-3 place finishes, see