Cheyenne Hudson photo

Kamiah High School teacher Cheyenne Hudson on her students: “I hope they know I care about them and that they treat me and others with respect.”

KAMIAH — Cheyenne Hudson, a fifth-year teacher at Kamiah High School (KHS) said the best thing about being a teacher is the relationships, building a rapport with the kids and staff. “We have a phenomenal staff here,” she said. “I enjoy the teachers and the students.”

Hudson is teaching six subjects this year: government, geography, world history, pop culture, history of sports and senior project. She also coaches both middle school and high school volleyball.

Hudson, a Grangeville High School graduate, began teaching in 2011, both at Prairie and Grangeville, but has hit her stride at KHS in the past five years. Of her own high school experience, Hudson said, “I really liked school and many of my teachers — English, history and math.” She also credits her high school volleyball coach with encouraging her to play volleyball in college and to become a coach.

Hudson said about her students, “Ultimately, I hope they know I care about them and that they treat me and others with respect.” She added, “We have lots of debate in class, I really encourage respect. Listening to other peoples’ ideas goes a long way.”

Speaking about changes this school year due to COVID-19, she said that the KHS teachers learned an online platform called Schoology in August, in case they needed to shift from in-person to online school during the year. At first, it added about 6-8 hours per week to put lessons in an electronic form, but this has lessened over time.

Although KHS has only shut down two days all year, the teachers have been encouraged to put lessons online for kids who are out sick or in quarantine. Some families request hard copies for students who are at home but don’t have Wi-Fi.

Other changes Hudson has made this year to adjust is to minimize group activities, or have students work in groups of two instead of larger groups. She noted, “We wore masks for a while” in school, and she continues to encourage social distancing in the classroom when possible. “Overall we have been really lucky with very few COVID cases. I feel very blessed to be in-person classes. I really love the interaction with students.”

When Hudson is not at school, she enjoys spending time with her mom and her 10-year-old niece who live in Grangeville. She enjoys bowling, sporting a 176 average. She plays in a league, recently traveling to a state tournament in women’s bowling. Hudson also loves to read and put puzzles together. She also loves to travel around the country and internationally. Smiling, she said, “I wish it were free, to travel, I would do it more often.