Idaho State Police website screenshot

An Idaho State Police website screenshot, showing the entry point for records requests.

Idaho State Police has recently launched a new public records management program, now making one of the agency’s most frequently used services easier and more convenient for the public.

For all requests for public records, these will be completed by simply clicking on the Public Records Request tab on the Idaho State Police website, The request will be immediately forwarded to ISP public records custodians.

The new request process coincides with ISP’s launch of a new public records request and management program through GovQA, an industry leader in government records software. In addition to making requests easier for the public, the program is also designed to increase efficiency for ISP records custodians managing requests, maintain transparency, and ensure compliance with the Idaho Public Records Act.

The new website tab at will replace e-mail, mailed, or faxed public records requests consolidating the delivery of all requests for added efficiency.

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