Dec. 13, 2020 to Dec. 19, 2020

Dec. 13 – Suspicious Circumstance-RP’s son is being held at gunpoint/UNK Susp or how many.

Dec. 14 – Sex Offense-RP advised that 4 yr. old was with her dad and brother for the weekend and brother tried to put “his tail in her mouth”.

Dec. 14 – Accident PD-RP advised MP 59 Highway 12/Vehicle Crash, two semis/unknown Inj or Extication.

Dec. 15 – Domestic-RP advised wife has hit his truck with shovel/can hear her shouting in back ground.

Dec. 15 – Domestic-RP advised husband has returned to the house.

Dec. 15 – Parking Complaint-RP advised semi parked in turning lane in front of Cloninger’s.

Dec. 16 – Vandalism-RP advised there is RV parked behind Kamiah Inn/guy on MC just busted out windows in the RV/second RP advised it sounded like a gun shot/suspect wearing orange camo jacket, black helmet/took off when spotted/unknown direction of travel.

Dec. 16 – Juvenile Problem-RP advised 14 yr. old punched 9 yr. old again today.

Dec. 17 – Theft-RP reported a stolen backpack from her vehicle; backpack has wallet and personal items in it; vehicle was not locked.

Dec. 18 – Suspicious Circumstance-RP advised vehicle off side of the road close to river/tinted windows.

Dec. 18 – Animal Problem-RP advised deer hit and blocking lane/unable to move but still alive.

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