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While official results are pending from the 2020 general election, so far, what is certain is Idaho County voters beat a path to the polls — whether in person or by mail-in ballots — this month.

According to the Idaho County Elections Office, 85.15 percent of voters participated in the Nov. 3 election; a total 9,717 ballots cast out of 11,412 registered voters.

Voters were eager to have their say with 550 registering and voting on election day.

According to past Free Press news coverage, this marks a new record for an Idaho County presidential election, surpassing the 83.10 percent turnout in 2016. However, 2016 retains its record for the highest number of election day registrants – 783.

Canvassing was conducted by the Idaho County Commission at its Tuesday, Nov. 10, meeting, after which election results were finalized.

Unofficial county results at this time are as follows for the following decisions:

Idaho County Sheriff

Doug Ulmer (R) of Kooskia received 8,024 votes, and Casey M. Zechmann, Jr., of Grangeville received 1,335 votes.

Idaho County Commissioner, Dist. 2

Joe Cladouhos (I) received 1,628 votes as opposed to fellow Grangeville resident Ted Lindsley (R) who received 7,500.

Constitutional Amendment HJR 4

Yes - 5,745, no - 2,998

U.S. President

Donald J. Trump (R), 7,826; Joeseph R. Biden (D), 1,561; Jo Jorgensen (LIB), 118; Brock Pierce (I), 35; Don Blankenship (CON), 25; Kanye West (I), 23; Rocky DeLaFuente (I), 14.

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