GRANGEVILLE — Mountain View School District 244, with schools in Grangeville, Kooskia and Elk City, will ask its patrons for a $3.1 million supplemental override levy. The vote is set for Tuesday, May 18. Sample ballots and polling places can be found at

“Local levy supports are how the State of Idaho funding model supports education,” explained MVSD superintendent Todd Fiske. “If you consider the level of funding provided by the state as a letter grade, all schools districts receive enough funding to achieve a ‘C’ grade for quality of education. To provide an ‘A’ level of education, districts must rely on local support in the form of a levy.”

Fiske said 25 to 30 percent of MVSD’s budget comes in the form of levy support.

“We must ask ourselves, what do we want for MVSD’s students?” Fiske questioned. “Do we want smaller class sizes, more curricular offerings and enrichment opportunities so all our students can achieve? Do we want extracurricular activities to shape our youth and give identity to our communities? Do we want highly qualified staff to help keep our kids in school, engaged in learning and to develop skills into positive learners? Do we want clean, safe and well-maintained facilities and viable transportation?”

Fiske reiterated that strong schools do equal strong communities, and that, “Thriving schools build strong citizens.”

The $3.1 million levy will cost a homeowner with a home valued at $150,000 approximately $480 a year, $40.50 a month or $1.31 a day, Fiske said.

Last year, MVSD ran a failed levy for $3.9 million.

“Another levy failure would be devastating to our district, its staff, our students and the programs and opportunities we can offer them,” Fiske said. “We want to create lifelong learners who have critical thinking skills and as many opportunities to be successful as we can possible offer them.”