I love resurrection Sunday. I love the excitement. I love the breakfast that our church usually has, and I just love the atmosphere that resurrection Sunday brings. This year, during our Easter Celebration, I sensed so much joy in our church, but do we have that joy the rest of the year?

It’s easy to be joyous on Easter, after all we’re celebrating Jesus rising from the dead, and if that is not a reason for joy, I don’t know what is. We anticipate Easter. We prepare for Easter and a lot of us make an effort to be in church on Easter and along with that the message of Easter is a recipe for joy.

But what happens the week after Easter? I think for a lot of us, we show up, we celebrate, but when Monday comes, we’re back to the same life. We go back to the everyday drudgery of work and the joy and excitement Easter brought to us is lost in a sea of everyday tasks.

But is He still risen? In most churches we give the customary Easter greeting of, “He is risen!” To which everyone responds, “He is risen indeed!” But do we still know that Monday morning? Why can’t the excitement of Easter live in our hearts all day every day? Well, I believe it can. What is it that makes Easter so special for us? I think a lot of it has to do with the effort we put in to make sure we’re ready for it. What if we began to make a daily effort to acknowledge that Jesus has risen, is alive and spend a little time in His word and talking to Him.

Maybe the reason the joy of Easter fades is because we walk out of Easter service and leave it at that, but what if that week, before we go to work, we wake up with the thought that He is risen. What if every time we face a trial or experience frustration we learned to simply whisper, He is risen? When we live in the reality that Christ is alive and He lives in us and learn to acknowledge that every day, then every day can be a mini-Easter morning. After all, isn’t He as much risen today as He was Sunday morning?

May the reality of the resurrection continue to be in your hearts and minds today and for the rest of the year, not Just Easter morning. He is risen!