1981 Kamiah School students photo

A 1981 photo from The Clearwater Progress noting Carrie Davis and Jeani Ostrander were named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, at Kamiah High School for the class of 1981.

(Reporter’s note: This is the beginning of a new monthly series, featuring a snippet of an article from that month for each 20 years since The Clearwater Progress’ inception.)

Kamiah Progress, Feb. 11, 1921

Would form a new state

Agitation has been revived for the formation of a new state out of the territory now known as the Inland Empire, and quite naturally the northern part of Idaho is strong for it. The proposed state would all include that portion of Washington lying east of the Cascades and the 10 northern counties of Idaho with Spokane the capital.

The old state of Idaho would retain the capitol, penitentiary, Blackfoot asylum. Albion Normal, Technical institute at Pocatello and school for the feeble minded at Nampa. The new state would retain the Lewiston Normal state university and Orofino sanitarium. The new state would also have the Cheney and Ellensburg Normal schools, penitentiary at Walla Walla and hospital for the insane at Medical Lake and the state college at Pullman.

Currently: The Washington State legislature continues to consider proposals (including in 2021) to divide the state into two, using the crest of the Cascades as the border.

Kamiah Progress Feb.13, 1941

Bill Gibler buys Hartman hardware at Stites

Bill Gibler, until recently manager of Kamiah Hardware & Supply for John Oud, Orofino, Monday this week assumed proprietorship of the Hartman hardware store at Stites. Phil Hartman was one of the colorful hardware men of this section, being one of the pioneer businessmen of the village, in the old mining days when Stites was the big town of this region. Kamiah folks all hope he will meet with good success in his venture.

Currently: According to Lucky Brandt, the store originally opened in the early 1900s as Stites Harness Company. A hardware store continues to operate in Stites. John and Norma Brandt bought the place from Ernest Hartman in 1961. It remains in the Brandt family, owned by Norma, her daughter, Amee Coulter, and sons, Lucky and Skip, along with their spouses. In 1963, the Brandts moved the store across the street to its present location and expanded several times over the years.

Clearwater Progress Feb. 9, 1961

R. Cox Reports on Wilderness

Royce Cox, Chief Forester of Potlatch Forest, Inc., of Lewiston and a member of a statewide committee, plan to study proposals with regards to a proposed wilderness area in the lands between the Selway and Lochsa rivers, based on the Federal Forest proposal of 1936. Cox told the Kamiah Chamber that his committee recommends reducing the size of the wilderness area from the proposed 1,163,550 acres of land to 862,110 acres to avoid areas of prime commercial time land.

Currently: The United States Congress designated the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness in 1964. Debate continues over wilderness proposals.

Clearwater Progress Feb. 18, 1981

Students Honored

Carrie Davis and Jeani Ostrander have been named valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively, at Kamiah High School for the class of 1981. Carrie’s high school grade point average is 3.9, and Jeani’s is 3.8 on a scale of 4.0.

As a senior, Carrie has been student body secretary, yearbook editor, a basketball cheerleader and a member of the Honor Society. Carrie’s outside school activities have included Inner Faith Choir and Teen Rap. She is a Job’s Daughters past honored Queen, Kamiah Junior Miss 1980 and is also Kamiah Barbecue Queen 1980.

Currently: Carrie (now Bain) returned to Kamiah and is a third grade teacher at KES. She has directed the Valley Singers and Bell Ringers (the current name for the Inner Faith Choir) musical group in recent years.

Feb. 21, 2001

Kamiah council applies for skate park grants

With the stroke of a pen, Kamiah city officials took the next step towards developing a skate park in town. The action took place at a regular council meeting, Wednesday Feb. 14. Skate enthusiasts and city leaders are seeking an $8,000 Parks and Recreation grant and another $8,000 grant from the Forest Service.

Currently: February 2021 — The Kamiah UYLC is currently applying for grants along with the City of Kamiah to develop the skate park at Dupont Park.