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Just Wondering

     In his letter of July 23, William Jones attacks the Idaho Rivers United, IRU, for coming to the aide of a landowner whose property rights were being ignored by government agencies and logging interests determined to harvest trees from the Johnson Bar fire.

     It is regrettable that Mr. Jones appears to be willing to trample upon a neighbor’s property rights if it means he can save a few dollars on his tax bill. It makes me wonder what will happen if someone tramples upon his rights. Will he find an appropriate Bible passage to justify his outrage and then seek assistance from an organization, such as the IRU, who is willing to help protect his rights? Just wondering.

Doug Dompier


Appreciate teachers going above and beyond

     Ta’c kul’eewit. My name is Abraham Broncheau and I graduated from Kamiah in 1994. I lived in Kamiah all through school and can recall a couple times where I was struggling in school. Some teachers (Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Schaff, and Mrs. Lewis) offered to help me after school so that I could better grasp what I was struggling with and checked up on me throughout the year.

     At the time, I didn’t realize how the personal attention and caring would have an impact on my life until recently Kamiah teachers did the same for one of my children and I saw it. I saw the impact...I saw its power. It brought back memories of the way this school and its staff go out of their way to literally make sure no student is left behind, but most importantly that students have the tools to succeed in the real world. It made me want to return the favor...to do my part in helping the youth of Kamiah as the many teachers and people of the community did for me and my siblings.

     It takes a lot for a person to go outside their designated work hours...take time away from their own families...and show up early for work to help a student. That is what is so great about Kamiah teachers...they do that...they offer that and it is genuine.

     From what I remember, the school has always produced great results with their students despite having less to work with in terms of resources. Thankfully the staff goes above and beyond to make up for that, which makes it that much easier for me to vote YES on Aug.  25!

Abraham Broncheau


Support your school district in its time of need

     Since 2008 our surrounding communities have passed levies every year. Orofino has passed levies over $15 million since 2008, Nezperce and Craigmont over $3 million, Kendrick over $6 million, and Mountain View (Grangeville, Kooskia and Elk City) over $17 million, just to name a few.

     Kamiah, since 1993, has passed supplemental levies totaling just $750,000. Our district has already cut programs, cut jobs, put off maintenance needs, combined classes, and lost teachers and students to surrounding communities. It appears that we should be praising our school district for its ability to provide a quality education on such little community financial support.

     I found it ironic that in a letter to the paper a parent stated that he does care about a better education and that’s why he is sending his child to Kooskia, and I can’t blame him. He also stated that he knows several parents who are doing the same. This is ironic because it sure sounded like he was going to vote against our levy yet moved his child to the Mountain View District where the patrons recognize their schools’ lack of financial support and pass levies, a levy in the tune of over 2.6 million dollars this year. Financially backing your school district in its time of need during these years of severe lack of state funding support and getting a better education is not a coincidence.

     The Kamiah School District is asking us to pass a $325,000 levy, the smallest of any of our surrounding communities and it is desperately needed.

     Last year’s levy has been paid for already. Your taxes on this year’s levy would be half of last year’s. Please support our children and community and vote YES on Aug. 25.

Jeff Whipple


Food filled with poisons

     ABCNEWS reports, based on their recent survey, “With safety concerns widespread, Americans almost unanimously (93%) favor mandatory labels on genetically modified foods.” Consumers Union, Washington Post, The New York Times and Consumer Reports came up with similar results (92-95%).

     So, why did our otherwise pretty good Rep. Raul Labrador just help pass a law that makes it illegal for any state to require GMO labeling? This bill was drafted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), which represents the food industry. The GMA, Monsanto and other bio-tech companies have aggressively fought attempts to force labeling, and have been pushing the bill. Political Action Committee contributions during the 2014 election cycle by anti-GMO labeling corporations totaled more than $3.8 million to 404 candidates.

     Most developed nations do not consider GMOs to be safe. In more than 60 countries around the world, including Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMOs.

     Virtually all commercial GMOs are engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide and/or to produce an insecticide. As a result, use of herbicides like Round-up has increased 1,500% since GMOs were introduced. Glyphosate, an ingredient in Round-up, was recently determined by the WHO to be “Genotoxic,” meaning it damages DNA, and is probably cancer causing.

It is obvious at this point in our country’s history that the Tyranny of Monopolistic Corporations has gained control of Congress. Otherwise, the outcome of the vote would have reflected the wishes of the people. If there are toxins in the food supply that we want to avoid and “lawmakers” prevent us from knowing it, are they not conspiring to poison us and our families?

     If you agree, we had better get Senators Crapo and Risch to vote against this bill when it gets to the Senate. Last chance on this one. Voice of the people or the Corporations? Choose what you eat or eat what you get?

Jay Maxner


Not convinced by magical thinking

     In the last paper, it was claimed that if this levy does not pass, “our property values decrease, our economic viability decreases, crime increases, and drug use increases.”   This is over-the-top “magical thinking” and clearly not true, as shown by all the past levies Kamiah has approved.

     There is no connection between passing this levy and any of the above. There is, however, a connection between rising domestic violence and economic stress, and our kids are heavily affected by violence at home. For those who want to vote “yes,” please reconsider whether this is “best for our kids.”

     Our taxes apparently will be reduced by an average of $100 if we do not pass this levy. NOT passing the levy might mean some relief for those who are economically stressed.  NOT passing the levy might mean someone can buy a little meat for their table and someone else might be able to top off their propane tank for heat this winter. For all of us on the edge of poverty, $100 more would be a welcome relief, and that relief would be felt by our kids too. This against some kind of unnamed “benefit” this levy would address.

     A lot of money is being poured into the effort to get this levy passed this time. Gosh, I wish I had some of that money to buy groceries with! Their money would be better spent for the food bank that so many Kamians depend on these days.

Lana Hiemstra


USFS should fix trash problem

     About Dec. 3, 2014 I wrote a letter about the dumpsters along U.S. 12 in Idaho County. It was/is my claim that the U.S. Forest Service needs to address the issue.

     I am also attaching photos of the dumpsters at Lowell from last week and this week. The dumpsters are emptied on Thursdays and the photos were taken on last Tuesday and this Monday. The photos depict what my letter purported, an overworked and filthy system.

     When I tried to open one of the bear proof lids, I found the latch was broken and completely inoperable.

     The open topped dumpsters at milepost 85 “Ought Seven Ranch” have not been as bad, but fill up very quickly.

     I have not visited the dumpsters along the Selway Road.

Glen Scott Swearingen


Conspicuous silence

     In a previous letter to The Clearwater Progress I stated that if the Kamiah school teachers would agree to mandatory random drug testing before Aug. 1, 2015 that I would vote in favor of the upcoming school bond election and I would encourage others to do the same. The teachers have remained conspicuously silent so I assume that as a group they are still opposed to drug testing thus assuring that myself and many others will vote no on Tuesday, Aug. 25 and encourage all others to do likewise. They also wrongly assumed I would also remain silent until after the levy election. WRONG!

Merrill Hartley


Whopping taxes

     My taxable property valuation increased by 2.3%. My taxes increased 27.5%. My mortgage payment increased by $100.02 per month. I thought it must be a mistake. I was informed that it was not a mistake but was because the people voted yes to the last school levy request.

Carol Furey-Bryant


Wolf Problems? Print E-mail

The following list of numbers is offered for anyone who experiences problems with wolves. 


Suspected Livestock Predation

Call USDA Wildlife Services, 1-866-487-3297 or contact Justin Mann, local Wildlife Specialist at 208-869-3297. Personnel will be dispatched to investigate.


Frequent Wolf Sightings

Contact the Nez Perce Tribe, Curt Mack at 208-634-1060. They will gather and record information, then provide advice.


Report Sighting of a Wolf

Go to Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game website to fill out a wolf report form: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/cms/wildlife/wolves/


Health and Human Safety Concerns

A wolf may be killed if life and human safety is at risk. Contact Idaho Fish & Game at 208-799-5010 or call Nez Perce Tribe at 208-634-1061 or 911 Sheriff dispatch. All wolf kills will be investigated.


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