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News For The Week of October 30, 2014
Kamiah City Council Print E-mail

City okays acquiring free police cars, learns of hole in old water plant

     Workers discovered an arm-sized hole at Kamiah’s old water plant during recent excavation. The hole is believed to be rather old but no one knows for sure.

     The gaping hole was found as workers were doing some excavation work as part of placing a new water intake structure for the new water plant.

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Search called off Print E-mail

Missing teenager found


     A 17-year-old teenager who went missing over the weekend has been found, according to her family. Katie Lynn Shippey was
last seen at her residence in Clearwater on the evening of Oct. 25. She left a note indicating she was headed to the city.

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EMTs needed Print E-mail

Kamiah EMS seeks recruits

     The staff of Kamiah Ambulance has provided emergency pre-hospital care to the community and surrounding areas for many years. The service began as a branch of the Kamiah Volunteer Fire Department and evolved into a separate sister agency.  The agency began to recruit, train and retain dedicated people and create an organization of individuals who had an interest in providing care for people who were sick or injured.

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Carving up some fun Print E-mail
10-30-14--pumpkin-carving-7Carving pumpkins is a messy task but Jason Tatu doesn’t seem to mind. There was a large turnout despite the inclement weather at last Sunday’s 9th annual Pumpkin Carving Party held at Riverfront Park in Kamiah. Janene Engle/Progress
Election 2014 Print E-mail

Frei, Zumalt seek commission post

     Republican candidate Mark Frei, Democrat Jerry Zumalt, and Independent Matthew Bybee are seeking the District 2 Idaho County Commission seat. Bybee did not respond to a Progress inquiry.

Name: Mark Frei

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Philosophy

Family: Married with three children

Residence: Grangeville

Experience/Qualifications: Self-employed farmer and rancher, former Director of Pastoral Services (Helena, Mont.), managed paid staff of five, handled million dollar budgets

Political Party: Republican

     Please vote for Mark Frei for Idaho County Commissioner District 2 to build business and support families. I decided to run for County Commissioner because I believe we live in one of the greatest counties, and I wanted to serve the people here in keeping this county free and prosperous.

     After being born and raised in Grangeville, I have enjoyed coming back to the area with my wife and three children. Considering the average income and employment opportunities of Idaho County residents, coming back with one’s family is not always easy. Idaho County’s population decreased in 2013 by 1.3%. Additionally, the number of deaths equaled the number of births. Moreover, the net migration estimate was a 172 decrease. All of this while 33 rural Idaho counties increased in population, and statewide the population increased by 1 percent.

     These statistics show an unhealthy trend for Idaho County. This means fewer customers for our stores and service providers. As county commissioner, I would focus on continued economic growth in our county, so that individuals and families can continue to enjoy this beautiful place with good jobs and opportunity.

     I am a self-employed farmer and rancher; I know what it takes to make a living. I have been a Director who managed paid staff, multiple volunteer committees and large budgets. I know how to listen and work with people; I ran 18 committees consisting of 162 people. I am a good thinker. I graduated Grangeville High School as Valedictorian and went on for further studies receiving a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Philosophy, both as summa cum laude.

     I maintain that the best way to grow the economy is to enable the free market system to work and to encourage the investment of entrepreneurs. As county commissioner, I would work to keep taxes low and regulations at a minimum. I would work to be a point of coordination for interested parties in helping to bring jobs and grow the economy.

     I would not give away our freedoms to the federal government. I believe the government that governs best is the one that stays close to the people. Public servants who can be called on the phone or visited in person stay accountable for their actions. Today, more and more of our First and Second Amendment rights are infringed upon. I would be a defender of our rights.

     I believe in traditional family values and the sanctity of human life. The family is the basic unit of society, when the family thrives so does the whole county.

     Like you, I want to keep Idaho County a place where families can settle and make a good living. A place where we can grow a strong economy that will sustain our children and generations to come. I would be honored to serve the people of Idaho County, upholding our strong family values and putting my leadership and people skills to work for you. 

Name: Jerry Zumalt

Age: 66

Education: Bachelor of Science, Agriculture & Business; Master of Arts, Theology

Family: Jackie, wife; one son

Residence: Grangeville

Occupation: Idaho County Disaster Management Coordinator

Experience/Qualifications: 30 years—smokejumper and firefighter overseeing programs, budgets, personnel, contract aviation assets, flight crews and fire suppression actions across the western U.S. Ten years as disaster management coordinator working with the private sector, agencies, volunteers and department personnel to build the county 911 dispatch center and communication system; expanding radio communication coverage from Warren to Lolo Pass; providing radios and other critical equipment to EMTs, firefighters and law enforcement officers; and securing state and federal funds to repair storm damaged road systems across Idaho County. Eight years as board chairman, Pine Tree Community Credit Union, providing private sector jobs and valuable financial services that support our families and communities, establishing the Riggins branch facility and expanding and remodeling the Grangeville office. The credit union has a payroll of 14 employees, more than 3,000 members and assets of more than $37 million.

Political Party: Democrat

     I am running for election to the Board of Idaho County Commissioners because I believe the voters of this county deserve serious, responsible fulltime representation—representation aimed squarely at solving problems on behalf of the electorate by working with other elected officials and citizens from across the political spectrum. A county commissioner should be accountable to and work hard for the people, all of them, not just some and not just for those who agree with them.

     Narrowly focused political partisanship may play well to a segment of the voters, and it may generate voter support, but it does not serve the interests of voters—Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independents, or Idaho County business and taxpayers. It is time for a commission that consistently emphasizes sensible solutions that work for Idaho County residents. I have made a positive difference for you as your emergency manager, and if elected to the county commission, I will continue to do so by respecting your voices and your reasoned proposals.

     I support:

  • Fresh Eyes on Solid Waste. An on-going problem that has not been resolved but has ignored decisive public input. Neither the current cost, nor the continuing consolidation of dumpster sites adequately serve Idaho County taxpayers. The Idaho County recycling program is important; it deserves expanded support. Together we can do better.
  • Federal Public Lands- Access and Management. We can improve both if we go to the table with reasonable alternatives and long term strategies. We should emphasize improving recreational opportunities, consider state managed demonstration projects and advocate for increased logging opportunities. Idaho County can and should develop a comprehensive resource management plan and use it constructively to focus and direct federal and state land management policies and actions.
  • Continuing Secure Rural Schools and Payments in-Lieu of Taxes for Idaho County. Public lands impose a cost on local governments and local citizens. If you want real, spendable dollars that constructively support our infrastructure and directly support critical operating budgets in Idaho County you should support these federal payments that previous commissioners, both Republican and Democrat, worked so hard to secure. These payments are not handouts; they help offset some of those costs and Idaho County taxpayers deserve to receive both to support public schools, highway districts and the county road department budgets.

     I do not support wasting taxpayer money on out-of-state lobbyists, or “consultants;” nor do I support the costly, futile pursuit of a federal lands transfer to state management, an effort our own attorney general’s office has questioned.

     And finally, I do not support schemes to trade private in-holdings in the Upper Lochsa for front-country public lands that will lock the public out. Why should Idaho County taxpayers subsidize developers, or agree to give up access to the public lands we have rightly used and enjoyed for generations? The key is access and management- for all of us.

     I understand county government, services, processes and budgets, and I have a strong track record of working with other elected and agency officials, state, federal and municipal, as well as a variety of dedicated public safety volunteers to craft affordable, practical solutions—solutions that respect Idaho County values and historical priorities. If elected, I will listen to the voters and consistently do the right thing for the citizens of Idaho County. You have an opportunity this fall; make your vote count when you fill out your ballot.

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